Le 11/04/2024

Lille Metropole's Mosaïc cultural garden is celebrating 20 years since opening !

A strong symbol of Lille Metropole's European openness, the cultural garden is a celebration of diversity. Come celebrate with us on Sunday 2nd of June !

What is Mosaic, the garden of cultures?

The Mosaïc Garden is a garden created by artists, landscape gardeners and visual artists to reflect the demographic and cultural diversity of Lille Metropole. Historically, the Mosaïc garden was born of Lille's European openness, because it first saw the light of day on May 29, 2004, as part of Lille's designation as "European Capital of Culture".

The first seven gardens, co-designed with families who had moved to the region, reflect the diversity of Lille Metropole’'s demographics. The first seven gardens were as follows:

- Le Jardin Pierre Auvente - Flanders ;

- Le Jardin des Figuiers - North Africa ;

- Africa Mama Island - West Africa ;

- La Quinta des Délices - Iberian Peninsula ;

- Les Terrasses de la Méditerranée - Italy, Greece ;

- Le Jardin Tissé - Central Europe, Eastern Europe ;

- Le Jardin du Dragon - Southeast Asia.


Over the course of the next 20 years, the Mosaïc garden continued to flourish, welcoming ever more visitors and reinventing itself while retaining its original spirit. Since its opening, the park has laid out new gardens, most recently the "Garden-treff", inspired by Germanic culture - you can find out more about the opening of the Germanic garden in our previous article on the subject, available here.



The garden’s 20th anniversary

This year, the garden celebrates its 20th anniversary. To mark the occasion, anyone born in 2004 (the year it opened) will have free access to the park all season long. What's more, throughout the season, a series of activities are planned: new features, exhibitions, participatory events and surprises for you to discover.

Save the date: The highlight of this celebration will be Sunday, June 2, 2024, when an event will be held to mark the park's 20th anniversary, celebrating the demographic and cultural diversity of Lille Metropole.



What’s on the agenda for Sunday, June 2, 2024 ?  

- Concerts: proposed by international artists, the performances will be marked by the diverse cultures of the performers;

- The first day of the « Mosaïc, 2004-2024 » exhibition ;

- Fun activities for young and old to (re)discover gardens and cultures from around the world;  

- Encounters: Mosaic garden landscapers, artists, gardeners, seasonal workers and animal keepers have a million interesting things to tell you. Let yourself be tempted by one of their activities, or simply have a chat!

The consultative methodology through which the gardens and other facilities (such as the nursery clearings) were designed and are managed is an illustration of the importance the Mosaïc gardens attach to the participation of local residents, users and staff. Mosaic's 20th anniversary is therefore an opportunity to invite all those who have contributed over the years to the parc’s inception and development.



Further information

For more information, you can check out the Mosaic garden website. More generally, if you're a nature lover, you can also take a look at the Explorer's Diary, a comprehensive document designed by Lille Metropole for its residents and tourists wishing to discover the region's natural spaces, by clicking here.