Le 08/04/2024

EuraTech'Kids: Cultivating a passion for digital technology from an early age

EuraTech’Kids is an innovative project, developed by the EuraTechnologies cluster, which aims to familiarise children with coding and robotics, demystifying access to the digital professions.

What is EuraTech’Kids?

EuraTech’Kids is an innovative project developed by the EuraTechnologies cluster in Lille Metropole, dedicated to new information and communication technologies and the digital sector. For several years, the EuraTechnologies project has been committed to a creating positive social and environmental impacts through their approach, as illustrated by the EuraTech’Kids initiative. Anchored in the heart of the neighbourhoods revitalised following the shutdown of the ‘Le Blan Lafont’ factories, EuraTechnologies is working to create digital businesses and generate jobs in the Hauts-de-France region and throughout Lille Metropole’s territory.

Within this initiative, EuraTech'Kids stands out as a programme dedicated to helping children, families and young adults become acculturated to digital professions. It aims to familiarise children with coding and robotics, demystifying access to the digital professions. Read the article below to find out more about the project’s approach. By building bridges between the worlds of education and technological innovation, EuraTech'Kids aims to break down prejudices, raise awareness among young people of the opportunities offered by digital technology, and contribute to the training of future generations.


Mission: Cultivate Passion, Develop Knowledge

EuraTech'Kids has set itself the primary mission of unveiling the fascinating world of EuraTechnologies to children, taking them behind the scenes of the digital industry. Workshops for the very young, tours of EuraTechnologies for older children and close collaboration with schools are just some of the initiatives being implemented to create a concrete link between young people and the digital professions.

For families, the aim is twofold: firstly, to familiarise children with coding and robotics, and secondly, to show parents that these skills are within everyone's reach, regardless of gender. In this way, EuraTech'Kids aims to establish an accessible and inclusive digital culture.


Fundamental values: Accessibility, Creativity, Transmission, Trust

The values of EuraTech'Kids are based on solid pillars: accessibility, creativity, transmission and trust. Accessibility means that the programmes are open to all, with no entry requirements. Creativity and fun are at the heart of the learning methods, stimulating participants' imagination through challenges and games. Transmission, an essential pillar, takes the form of sharing knowledge between generations and levels of experience. Finally, confidence, developed through knowledge and sharing, is crucial to unleashing creativity and boosting self-confidence.


The EuraTechnologies Learning District: A Dynamic Space for Learning

EuraTechnologies has dedicated a 150m² space, located in the Le Blan-Lafont totem building in Lille, for the activities of EuraTech'Kids. Since its creation in 2014, this programme has welcomed more than 8,300 children, offering coding and robotics workshops to raise their awareness of digital concepts and professions, from nursery to secondary school level.


Background: Steady growth since 2007

EuraTech'Kids has its roots in 2007, at the time of EuraTechnologies' Cyber Base. Since that founding event, the project has gone from strength to strength, adopting innovative new programmes such as BTech, aimed at young adults, and coding workshops dedicated to children. These developments have been punctuated by significant moments, such as the landmark participation in Devoxx4Kids in 2015, and the pivotal year of 2017, which saw the birth of EuraTech'Kids.

The year 2022 was exceptional with a record reopening of the Learning District, welcoming more than 1,700 children and extending to schools and classes from nursery to secondary school. In 2023, EuraTech'Kids confirmed its success by welcoming more than 2,800 children, even extending to Twitch to reach an even wider audience.

EuraTech'Kids is EuraTechnologies' ongoing commitment to digital education, creativity and building self-confidence among the younger generations. An adventure that continues to blaze a trail towards an inclusive and promising digital future.