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Le 28/11/2023

With its new premises, Lille Metropole asserts its European presence and expands its collaborations in Brussels

Since the 26th of October, the MEL's European delegation is sharing its premises with the Hauts-de-France region, the Nord department, Amiens Métropole, the Free State of Thuringia and Kent.

With its new premises, Lille Metropole asserts its European presence and expands its collaborations in Brussels, reinforcing its commitment to European institutions. For six years, it has established a permanent delegation in the heart of the European quarter in Brussels. Since the 26th of October, this delegation has been sharing its premises with the Hauts-de-France Region, representatives from the Nord Department, Amiens Metropole, the Free State of Thuringia (a German partner of the region), and a representative from Kent.

This consolidation has been made possible by the coinciding lease expirations of both Lille Metropole and the Region’s previous premises, facilitating more effective cooperation and cost savings through the shared use of certain spaces.

Since being designated as a Metropole in accordance with the MAPTAM law of 2015 (French law aiming to reinforce metropolitan areas), Lille Metropole has taken on a special responsibility in terms of European engagement. The establishment of its Permanent Delegation in September 2017 aimed to strengthen the Lille Metropole's presence on the European stage, expand its European openness, and enable its stakeholders to better utilize European policies, programs, and funding for the well-being of its residents and the development of its territory.

The activities of Lille Metropole's team in Brussels, consisting of three people, are centered around four main missions:

- Facilitating connections between the Lille Metropole and European institutions through an active monitoring of European strategies and legislation that directly impact the metropole.

- Promoting Lille Metropole and its territory on a European scale by organizing conferences and seminars to showcase its innovative projects and to foster partnerships in various areas, including culture, urban renewal, digitalization, ecological transition, mobility, employment, water management, circular economy, agriculture, food, and soil quality.

- Coordinating and animating the European networks of which Lille Metropole is a member, including Eurocities, the French Association of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions, POLIS (a European network of cities, metropoles, and regions working together to implement innovative technologies and policies in the field of transportation), the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, Energy Cities, and Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC).

- Contributing to the promotion and animation of European partnerships, including participating in initiatives initiated by European institutions, networks, or other European metropoles, such as the Green Cities Accord, the Covenant of Mayors, or the Circular Cities Declaration, of which Lille Metropole is a signatory.


Lille Metropole’s Brussels Delegation works closely with the teams based in the headquarters and other Lille Metropole sites, particularly those responsible for European funding research, the attractiveness of the Metropole, and cross-border cooperation. The proximity between Lille Metropole and Brussels also allows Lille Metropole teams to work in Brussels premises, closer to European institutions and networks, an undeniable advantage compared to other metropoles. The new Lille Metropole premises are located at 9 Rue Guimard, 1040 Brussels, approximately 500 meters from their previous location.

Lille Metropole and Europe in a few numbers (since late 2017):

- 350 meetings with European stakeholders to promote the interests of Lille Metropole in Europe

- 110 speaking engagements at European conferences

- 340 Lille Metropole participations in working groups of European networks, enabling the sharing of expertise and reinforcing innovation in public policies

- 1,520 participants in European conferences held in Brussels or within the Lille Metropole territory to promote the Metropole to European stakeholders

-  35 visits by European dignitaries to Lille Metropole

- 160 meetings with European metropoles, particularly those represented in Brussels, to stimulate partnerships and cooperation

Lille Metropole is a signatory to five European movements that support the acceleration of the ecological transition and the adaptation of metropoles to climate change.

You can find more information about Lille Metropole's EU office here.