Lille Metropole European Networks


Lille Metropole European Networks

In the ambition to learn from the best European experiences in order to improve its public policies, Lille metropole is part of several European networks. 


EUROCITIES is the network representing the cities to the European Union, working in order to respond to the issues faced by the European citizens in their daily lives. It is also a major platform for European cities to share their best practices.

Lille Metropole is a member of several working groups on different topics such as on air quality, creative industries, housing, food, urban agenda, etc…



POLIS is the European network platform for regions and cities on the subject of transport, where are shared local collectivities best practices on mobility.



AFCCRE is the network representing French local collectivities to the CEMR (Council of European Municipalities and Regions) and therefore defending the interests of local collectivities to the European Union on numerous subjects such as environmental or regional policies for instance.



ICLEI is the International Council of Local Governments for Sustainability, an international network for best practices exchanges between local authorities on the subject of sustainability. It also aims at bringing together local, regional and national actors in order to transform urban areas and make them sustainable.



The Open and Agile Smart Cities network is an international organization that has the goal to shape nascent global smart city data and services market. OASC works on city needs with support from industry on city data, services and technology. It connects more than 140 cities throughout the globe, including Lille Metropole. 


Energy Cities

Energy Cities is a European network that defends the idea of a climate transition carried out by local authorities, as the major part of European citizens live in an urban environment. The city of Lille has participated to the MOLOC project (Morphologies Low Carbon) that tests innovative solutions for a carbon-neutral city.

Energy cities