Le 06/12/2023

Lille Metropole took part in the European Week for Waste Reduction

From the 18th to the 26th of November, Lille Metropole participated for the first time in the European Week for Waste Reduction. Various events took place across the territory.

Waste management is one of Lille Metropole's core competences. It is responsible for the prevention, collection, sorting, treatment, and recovery of household waste from its 95 municipalities (nearly 1.2 million inhabitants).

Strongly committed to circular economy, Lille Metropole and the 13 participatory municipalities chose to focus during this week on the reuse and repair of objects. These two themes reflect a shared desire to progressively reduce waste production in the area and change ordinary consumption patterns.

In fact, Lille Metropole has set itself a major challenge as part of its second waste reduction program: to reduce the amount of household waste produced per inhabitant by 50 kg by 2030. To help achieve this result, Lille Metropole's EU office has been closely following the development and implementation of the European Strategy for Circular Economy since 2020.

During this week, various events and exhibitions were organized. For example, Zero Waste Lille organized an exhibition entitled "Ma maison zero déchets" (My zero waste house) at the House of Sustainable Habitat in Lille. A life-size house enabled visitors to learn simple everyday gestures to reduce waste.

Awareness-raising initiatives have also been put in place for metropolitan civil servants, such as a "Fresque des déchets" (waste fresco) that diagrams the fate of our waste and explores the impact on our consumption habits. A toy collection has also been set up at Metropole's premises to benefit the Restos du Cœur charity.

To mark the week, Lille Metropole has also produced a waste reduction guide, available here, and a directory of local reuse players, available here